Is there an issue you want to work on, a great idea for a new event, or another way you want to work to make our neighborhood event better?  Come talk to the board about your ideas, your willingness to help, and to offer to chair or participate in a new committee!

Airport Noise
The RNA Airport Noise committee works with Portland’s Air Traffic Issues roundtable to address aviation noise problems.

Land Use
The RNA Land Use committee deals with current issues related to permits, zoning, and the development of property. This committee also includes the Design Standards and Transportation subcommittees.

Problem Businesses
The RNA Problem Businesses committee addresses current issues in business-resident interaction, such as adult businesses, liquor license issues, placement, noise, and parking.

The RNA Traffic/Transportation committee works to implement bicycle, pedestrian, and transit improvements within our neighborhood. This includes traffic calming measures, bike lanes, and cross walks.